Land Preparation And The Tools Of The Trade

By TAFE Corporate

July 16, 2019

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Land Preparation is the process of preparing the land for seeding and plantation. A land, if well-prepared helps control the growth of weeds, promotes plant nutrients and helps in direct seeding. Land preparation basically involves ploughing the soil or digging it up, followed by harrowing the land to break soil clods and then levelling the field. Generally, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to prepare the land before planting.

Land preparation ensures ideal soil conditions for the crops to be seeded, in order to produce a huge yield. The sustenance of the farm is of utmost importance for the farmers who invest time, energy and money into the plantation. Factors like the soil depth, soil quality, availability of water sources, distance to the field and the quality of water play a pivotal role in helping to attain a huge yield from the field. The process starts with clearing the land where the field is ploughed. Operations like planting and application of fertilizers are carried out in order to achieve a perfect soil condition to expose soil-borne pests and to help bring up the nutrients to the surface.

Preparing the land for irrigation cannot happen on its own without any instruments or equipment. You will need to invest smartly in equipment that will not only help you ease your work but will also help in saving time and resources. Agristar Powervator is one such versatile equipment that will save you a lot of effort by combining ploughing, tilling and harrowing operations. This helps in seedbed preparation, removes weed, mixes manure/fertilizer into the soil, chops stubbles, breaks clods and levels the field. It is best suited for dry and wetland applications, especially for paddy seedbed preparation and sugarcane farming. Stubbles and roots are completely cropped and mixed with the soil ensuring better mulching

Power Harrow 615 PH is a primary tillage equipment. It is strong, sturdy and the toughest in the ploughing equipment category which is best suited for hard and hard-clay soil conditions. The product can plough more depth, fine tilth and level in just one pass. It can be used directly on barren land, making it feasible for cultivation, prior and after rains.

The Mouldboard Plough is another primary tillage equipment, well suited for tough ploughing job with outstanding depth of cut.  It is best suited for stone and root-laden soil and is designed to work in most types of soil to perform basic functions such as soil breaking and soil inversion.

You can buy all of the products listed above from TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited which is an Indian tractor major incorporated in 1960 at Chennai, with an annual turnover of INR 93 billion (2014-15).

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