What makes AgriStar Powervator a great companion for your tractor?

By TAFE Corporate

January 21, 2020

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True harvest potential lies in preparing the seedbed for successful crop growth. Preparing an adequate seedbed that provides higher seed-to-soil contact is critical in giving the start that seeds need to produce yields during harvest time. Farmers can ensure higher value of their produce by focusing their attention on retention, distribution and assimilation of crop residues.

Inadequate seedbed preparation and incorrect planting depth are some reasons for lack of germination or poor seedling survival. There are times when fields are left too fluffy even after tilling, making it less conducive for seeds to germinate properly. Even moderate rainfall can cause seeds that have been broadcasted onto the seabed to sink into the soil. This may result in uneven harvest, as the seeds will not be lined up in order.

Fine-tuning the seedbed to fit the requirements of the crops cannot be easily done with conventional implements and processes like ploughing. Farmers these days use rotary tillers to dig into the soil and churn it into a clod-free seedbed. Rotary tillers use a set of curved tines attached to a rotary shaft to break heavily compacted and unworked soils. The tilled soil is then ready for adequate water percolation and air movement around plant roots.

TAFE’s Agristar Powervator is a very efficient rotary tiller with highly engineered variants suitable for dry and wetland applications, especially for paddy seedbed preparation and sugarcane fields. Unlike conventional implements, the seedbed is ready after one or two passes with this equipment. In order to ensure better mulching, the blades completely cut all stubbles and roots. The specially designed blades move in a spiral to better pulverize and mix the soil. In most cases, the size of the tiller would determine the working depth. Farmers can even adjust the depth skids to meet the required depth of cut.

This equipment can be attached to a tracker with adjustable hitch points for easy attachment. It also allows for smooth interchangeability between the chain drive and gear drive. While operating on chain drive mode, a heavy-duty chain and auto chain tensioning mechanism is used to increase the lifespan of the Agristar Powervator. For better fuel efficiency, the gear ratio and sprocket ratio can be matched to the tractor power.

Apart from being fuel-efficient, the Agristar Powervator is also built for durability and is equipped with a heavy-duty gearbox with high module gears and tough chains to be able to withstand the toughest field conditions. To protect the rotor shaft, it has a specially designed seal and dust cover to prevent dust entry into the bearings which are supporting the rotor shaft. The rotor shaft itself is made of higher schedule seamless tube, while the blades which cut through the soil are made of boron steel for better load-bearing capacity and durability. The Powervator also comes with a unique tailboard design to avoid mud splashes on the field.

Considering the durability and fuel efficiency of TAFE’s Agristar Powervator, it makes the investment economical as well. Overall, rotary tiller is an ideal investment to get the perfect soil texture for your seeds to germinate to their fullest.

Get yourself the perfect companion for the fields. See how it works here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t2HolE1VuM

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