TAFE Access

TAFE Access Limited (TAL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited and is involved in the manufacture and marketing of hydraulic pumps and cylinders to discerning customers in markets across the globe. TAL uses the finest equipment in precision instrumentation, ensuring highly standardized components and products with a stringent measurement selection process. Reinforced by top-of-the-line R&D facility, TAL’s hydraulic pumps and cylinders find a place in the products of some of the best brands in the auto industry.

In 1998 TAL ventured into vehicle franchise business with a dealership for a variety of passenger cars and utility vehicles. The Vehicle Franchise Division of TAL markets TATA passenger vehicles in specific towns in Tamil Nadu and Škoda cars in Karnataka. The first dealership was set up at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, for the TATA range of cars, MUVs and SUVs. Distribution of Škoda cars commenced in 2002 at Bengaluru and by 2005, was extended to Mangalore, Karnataka. TAL’s Vehicle Franchise Division has received accolades for the highest levels of customer satisfaction and for being the largest seller of TATA Nano cars.

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