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Global Footprints

Collaborators & Associates

TAFE has a number of associations with industry and technology leaders such as AGCO Corp of USA, AVL of Austria, Warwick Manufacturing Group of the UK, Carraro from Italy to name a few, in its pursuance of product quality and overall excellence.



TAFE has an ongoing collaboration with AGCO Corporation, Duluth, Georgia. AGCO is one of world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of Agricultural Equipment, selling its products in over 140 countries. The collaboration has lasted for 55 years and is built on mutual trust and respect for each other's competencies. These competencies are individually and collectively leveraged for mutual benefit across geographies through innovative arrangements for specific markets.

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Warwick Manufacturing Group, UK

Global foot prints

At TAFE we have been working with the Warwick Manufacturing Group, now known as WMG, since the late nineties in managing change at TAFE through company wide initiatives. With their wide exposure to manufacturing technologies, materials and sustainability, operations and business management, TAFE has managed the changing environment in the industry through collaboratively devised approaches towards business that have helped ensure sustainable success despite its cyclic nature.

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TAFE Global Footprints


TAFE looks at the world as its marketplace. Its acquired knowledge-base of diverse agro-climatic zones, crops and cropping practices of over five decades has empowered it to design and develop tractors and aggregates to suit any climatic condition or application in the world. Its product development and styling strengths have been validated by worldwide acceptance of its products and services. TAFE has a presence in over 100 countries, including markets such as the Americas, Eastern Europe, Africa and South Asia.

TAFE has leveraged its long-standing association with its collaborator AGCO Corp to address emerging needs in the markets by offering a range of tractors designed, engineered and manufactured in India. Further it works jointly with AGCO in providing components and aggregates for the manufacture of tractors by AGCO and its subsidiaries in various markets.


TAFE' s presence in Europe is through a network of distributors. TAFE' s European office at Vienna oversees the European operations.


African continent is an emerging giant in terms of market requirements for farm machinery. Recognizing the importance of this market, TAFE has been making inroads in Africa through a number of distributors. Initiatives are in place to further strengthen the distribution channel in association with our collaborators. At present, the EEM – Exports & Emerging Markets Division at TAFE oversees market initiatives in Africa.


The Asian markets are covered through distributors established by our Exports & Emerging Markets Division and as TAFE' s range expands, a greater presence in the Asian market is expected. In its present range, TAFE boasts of a predominant presence in South Asia with the key markets being Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal.

International Business Unit

International Business Unit

An exclusive International Business Unit handles export of tractor components and aggregates to discerning customers. Based out of Chennai, the unit also handles the marketing of tractors through AGCO in key markets such as the Americas and in other specific territories. The International Business Unit is poised to be a significant contributor, especially of components and aggregates to manufacturing units in the AGCO group.

American Markets

An exclusively designed range of sub-100 hp tractors are sold under the Massey Ferguson brand through our collaborators AGCO Corp, USA, in the American markets through AGCO's distribution channel.

International Business Unit

Exports & Emerging Markets (EEM)

TAFE sells a range of tractors up to 100 hp, under its own brand "TAFE" with its distinctive livery of coral orange and grey in Europe, Africa, South Asia and other emerging markets through select distributors in various countries. The distributors in-turn have their own channels for reaching the tractors to customers and providing necessary pre and post sale support

Starting from neighboring countries in South Asia, TAFE' s footprint in the EEM area includes nations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. TAFE, empowered by over five decades of experience in meeting the needs of customers from the vast range of crops and agro climatic zones in India, is uniquely positioned to offer robust, fuel efficient and cost effective products. TAFE’s products have been very well received in various countries and are in fact, predominant in several African and South Asian nations, against stiff international competition.

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