• Be a FarmDost

Be a #FarmDost

For TAFE, empowering the farmer goes beyond just providing a holistic set of farm solutions - it aims to raise awareness about the invaluable service that farmers provide to the world; by creating an atmosphere of respect and admiration towards the profession of farming. Launched in April 2015, ‘Be a #FarmDost’ is an initiative aimed at bringing the farmer back into our social psyche. Directed at the urban and semi-urban population, the 'Be a #FarmDost' initiative aims to raise empathy for the farmer by encouraging people to step into the farmer's shoes, even if for a short duration. The idea stems from the thought that if people realize the effort it takes to cultivate a single crop, in one square foot of land, they would realize and appreciate the efforts of the farmer.

Primarily driven online, this initiative communicates with and brings together like-minded people who relate to the cause of bringing the farmer back into social consciousness. With over 1 Million followers on Facebook, this community consists of people from across 45 countries across the globe and is steadily growing on other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus and Instagram as well.

Mumbai had the first taste of TAFE's farm experience when they were transported from the concrete jungle to lush green fields through augmented reality. City dwellers from all walks of life drove tractors, interacted with farmers, and expressed their gratitude to the farmers in person. The 'Be a #FarmDost' initiative further expanded its reach across malls, colleges, restaurants and corporates; and its message has had an instant impact. The simple yet powerful message of gratitude and appreciation for the farmer and the profession of farming continues to resonate loudly with society as our invisible heroes toil and provide for the world.

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