Learning & Team Building

People will continue to be the greatest asset in any business and that is why the recruiting, training and retaining of the employees, is critical to any business. The HR function in the company therefore has evolved into a key operational area of the company. The competency set for each function is carefully mapped and matched against the competency set of a prospective employee as an essential part of the recruitment process. After recruitment and posting, employees are encouraged to expand their skill sets through continuous learning programs through in-house as well as external courses in association with centres for excellence such as the Indian School of Business, Symbiosis and Punjab Agricultural University. The HR function plans out a regular calendar of training programs round the year to ensure that each employee is exposed to training inputs as charted in the Personal Development Programs. With this approach, TAFE has managed to recruit and retain the best of talent.

Competency Mapping & Personal Development

HR also has the responsibility of developing team spirit among employees in general and of specific functional areas in particular. This is achieved through a combination of innovative outbound programs that brings employees together in new and unusual situations and builds strong bonds pillared on mutual respect for each other's individual skills, leadership and work ambience. The company has a very balanced workforce that is fortunate in having a fine blend of youth and experience, working together in an ambience that is open. The team is drawn from almost every part of the ethnic diversity that India has. Employees are encouraged by a well defined performance appraisal program that enables open interaction between the employee and the immediate superior and serves as a platform for not just measuring performance but also recording performance levels, analyzing short falls and relating them to competency gaps either in the technical or managerial skills area and drawing up individualized personal development programs.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation and creativity at the work place is recognized and rewarded at TAFE through spot awards for suggestions as well as for achievements in identified key result areas.


Every employee counts, as work at TAFE strives to challenge those same employees with lifelong learning and opportunities for growth. Employee ideas are valued and encouraged as we build an environment in which new ideas will flourish.

In keeping with our value of proactive response to change we have embarked on an ambitious program of e-empowering our employees spread across the country through our enterprise portal www.tafechannel.com.

Cultivating the World Cultivating the World

Write to us on corporate@tafe.com to explore career opportunities at TAFE.

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