• Gears and Transmissions
  • Gears and Transmissions

Gears and Transmissions

TAFE's gears division is located at Kelambakkam near JFarm and has a capacity to produce 40,000 crown wheels and pinions a year. The capacity is essentially used for captive consumption by TAFE’s tractors. The plant has the necessary infrastructure to produce crown wheels and Pinions to the demanding specifications of the application and is equipped with necessary facilities to ensure quality products that exceed customer expectations.

TMTL, TAFE's wholly owned subsidiary has a gears and transmissions plant at Parwanoo that produces a range of gears and transmission products for captive consumption at TMTL and TAFE for tractors apart from sale to discerning OE buyers in the automotive sector.

Product Range

Our product range covers following category of auto components

  • Transmission gears & shafts
  • Transmission housings
  • Crown wheel pinion
  • Cam shaft


We have well equipped facilities to produce transmission gears & shafts, Gearbox housings, Crown wheel pinion & CAM shaft, such as

  • Heat treatment - Gas carburizing & sealed quench
  • Grinding - Conventional & CNC
  • Combination of CNC Machining centers & SPM'S
  • CNC Cam grinding machine
  • Our facilities to ensure reliability and consistency in quality include in-house cutter resharpening machine, 3DCMM, CNC Involute tester, CNCN Cam tester


    Product related - Capability to produce Transmission gears & shafts for tractors & commercial vehicles, gearbox housings, Crown wheel pinion & CAM shaft for tractors People related - Availability of skilled & trained workforce System related - Unit has well integrated Quality system in line with TS requirement Unit also has well integrated ERP software for production, maintenance, material control & accounting functions
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