• Application Business Implements
  • Application Business Implements

Farm Equipment Divison

While tractorization is restricted to primary and secondary tillage and substantial use of haulage, and with the cost benefit equation changing with increase in labour, it is important to provide models of mechanization that are relevant to small and marginal farms.

With a foresight that moving from tractorization to spearheading mechanization is the key to improve farm productivity and rein in labor costs, TAFE has been collaborating with world technology leaders to establish its Farm Equipment Divison (FED) to efficiently answer the emerging needs of the global farming community. Offering a range of implements and accessories for various agricultural applications like land preparation, planting, harvesting, post harvest handling, around the farm operations and storage, the TAFE FED has perhaps the most sophisticated and comprehensive assortment of implements that cater to almost every farm mechanization need of every farmer.

With a profound emphasis on quality, reliability and relevance, the Farm Equipment Divison team constantly drives to reach new heights by launching newer, more efficient and specific solutions for varied soil conditions and specialized purposes, almost every quarter.

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