• Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Lending a helping hand

TAFE has reached out with empathy and compassion to help those in need tide over calamitous times with strength and dignity.

When action is underpinned with compassion, lives change. The 2015 floods in Tamil Nadu was a time of great adversity that affected thousands in Chennai and in other parts of Tamil Nadu, with several lives lost or displaced. Apart from a generous contribution to the Chief Minister's Flood Relief Fund, TAFE employees joined forces to help in the rehabilitation of people affected by the floods. They swung into action with an aim to serve and mobilized resources to feed, clothe, transport, rescue, shelter or to simply help those in need. Demonstrating true compassion, they welcomed strangers and family alike into their homes with open arms. It was an act of Individual Social Responsibility that resonated with the core values of TAFE.

TAFE also put together a care package of food grains, spices, kitchen essentials, clothes and blankets for all those employees who were affected by the flood and organized medical camps in the flood affected areas in an effort to curb the outbreak and spread of endemic diseases following this natural disaster.

A community of approximately 5000, the Irulas are skilled fishermen, who are well-known for their ability to catch snakes and extract venom. Living mainly in Manellur, Edakandigal, Ellarmedu, Kamaraj Nagar and Pondavakkam in Gummidipooondi, Tiruvallur district, this impoverished indigeneous community was in dire need of support that was long-term enough to provide reparation on a sustainable basis. With no boats and often at the mercy of men who rented boats for a very steep price, theirs was a precarious existence.

TAFE in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), presented fishing nets, bicycles and boats to members of the Irula community, thereby reducing their fatigue, increasing their productivity and enabling sustainable livelihoods.

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