Digital Literacy for All – TAFE’s Jayshree Venkatraman Digital Learning and Research Centre at Stella Maris College, Chennai

By TAFE Corporate

September 16, 2021

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Digital Literacy is the new buzzword in the Indian education system. As technology becomes an imperative part in our day-to-day lives, students need to learn and equip themselves with new skills outside of the classrooms. Although digital literacy is important in today’s times, not all students have access to this technology. To bridge this gap, TAFE offered a novel education platform, “Jayshree Venkatraman Digital Learning and Research Centre” to the Stella Maris College, Chennai. This centre will offer physical and digital infrastructure for conducting online and hybrid courses, producing web-based learning modules and optimize online collaborations with academic institutions and the industry across the globe.

Jayshree Venkatraman Digital Learning and Research Centre

This versatile high-tech centre has been established in the memory of Jayshree Venkatraman – erstwhile Chairman of AMCO Batteries and Director of TAFE, by TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited and the family of Jayashree Venkatraman. The digital centre provides learner-centric models of digital skills that prepare the students for a smooth transition from the campus to the corporate world.

The Jayshree Venkatraman Digital Learning and Research Centre is a truly advanced space for immersive and experience based learning, bringing together participants “in-class” and “remote locations”, using highly versatile communication software.

The first set of learning modules include

  •  Business Analytics
  •  Get Creative with Photography,
  •  Video Creation & Editing, and Hosting & Live Streaming

The newly launched digitally driven research centre at Stella Maris College would further augment the college’s efforts to meet the academic goal, and provide immense competitive benefits to its students and faculty.

A Tribute to the Visionary:

Ms. Jayshree Venkatraman, the erstwhile Chairman of AMCO Batteries and Director of TAFE, was a visionary by all means. An outstanding student and extraordinary businesswoman of her times, she always encouraged the importance of creativity, innovation and perfection in education and business alike. Her family, colleagues and the academicians at her alma mater – Stella Maris College, fondly remembers the gem of a person she was, at the inaugural ceremony of the learning centre:

Dr. Sr. Rosy Joseph, Principal, Stella Maris College, recalling her association with Jayshree Venkatraman, said, “Jayshree Venkatraman was an alumna of Stella Maris College. She was an exemplary student gifted with extraordinary zeal for creativity, innovation and perfection. This hi-tech centre bears testimony to the deep bond with her alma mater, the Stella Maris College, and will serve as an inspiration to the students of the future. This digital centre, with its cutting edge digital equipment alongside advanced audio-visual technology, reflects the innovative and creative spirit of Jayshree and reiterates the commitment of Stella Maris College to educate, nurture and empower generations of young women to set forth into their future career paths.

Murali Venkatraman, while inaugurating the centre said, “Jayshree would have been delighted to witness the Digital Learning and Research Centre becoming a reality as its objectives truly encompass the ideals she passionately believed in – empowerment of young women for achievement in all spheres and adoption of technology for institutional and individual advancement, housed in the alma mater she always credited for laying the foundation and rigour for her future personal and professional success.”

Mallika Srinivasan, during her inaugural address, said, “Jayshree as a business leader, passionately believed in excellence. Perfection defined her. She was known for her large-heartedness and generously supported meaningful causes to improve the lives of people around her. Jayshree was spiritedly committed to the cause of women’s education and progress in their professional aspirations and over the years, built a strong and reverential bond with her alma mater – Stella Maris College. This cutting-edge digital centre is dedicated to her and the spirit of life she epitomized.”

Being Future Ready

Technology is influencing every sphere of human life. With so much going in favour of digital media today, it is important to prepare the young generation in getting used to the new technology and learn the nitty-gritty of the changing world. “Quality education for all” is TAFE’s dream and is instilled in TAFE’s value system and work culture. With this and many initiatives, TAFE strives to ignite the young minds in our country, one day at a time.

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