A career in farming: Understanding the millennial dream

By TAFE Corporate

September 19, 2019

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We live in a modern world that is constantly changing. Any given industry is under the risk of becoming redundant one fine day. Interests, preferences and situations are shifting and so are dreams and ambitions. Bookstores became less popular with the launch of e-commerce platforms and hotels became less popular with the launch of hotel aggregators. There are a hundred other companies and careers that slowly faded away from the focus in our race towards convenience and development.

But there are certain industries and professions that are necessary for mankind to survive and thrive. Agriculture is one such. Farming, being one of the world’s oldest professions, is necessary for the sustenance of life on planet earth. Using land as a food source goes almost all the way to the beginning of civilization. Till a few decades ago, the greatest challenge for this profession was a declining interest in it. In other words, agriculture needed a new generation of workers to feed the rest of us. But now, just as how the world keeps changing, this scenario is changing as well.

Headlines like “Engineer quits IT job to start a farm” are becoming all too common. In fact, this isn’t a unique case anymore. Most people aspire to own a piece of land and cultivate something. As long as there are people, there is a demand for food. So, agriculture isn’t going anywhere.

Millennials these days are gradually returning to more traditional careers, one of the most popular among these being farming. It is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing careers and fields of study for millennials. Since the new-gen is more food-conscious and prefer naturally sourced organic produce, many have decided to open their own farms and organic food produce shops. Most of these farms are small and sometimes can be found even in cities on rooftops. Not every millennial is using their farm to create profit, some just enjoy being able to grow their own produce. Still, there are many millennials who have turned their habit of eating healthy organic food into rocketing businesses.

The change in perceptions

Farming was earlier portrayed to be a traditional, conservative career in our country. But things are changing. The image has shifted from a traditional farmer tending to his family’s farm to youngsters pursuing this lifestyle all over the country. The media trends are being supportive as well and have changed the mindset of an average individual. Farming is no longer the way they had perceived it to be. Increasing number of millennials are getting degrees in agriculture and animal sciences. Equipped with their degrees, love for organic, high quality food and an entrepreneurial spirit, these youngsters are changing what it means and looks like to be a farmer.

Since these youngsters have grown up amidst the technological boom, many are incorporating new technology into farming and agriculture. Robots being used for daily activities are not just science fiction anymore. Young farmers now use internet enabled phones, drones and other smart devices to efficiently carry out their farm activities. Drones are being used to plant seeds, analyze soil and carry out many other tasks. This saves time, manpower and also increases the efficiency of the work done.  As the young population gradually takes over the farming industry, they will continue to use technology more to make farming faster, easier and healthier.

Farming is becoming one of the fastest-growing careers, as many youngsters get educated and take an interest in food production and security. Millennials are becoming farmers for many reasons, from wanting locally sourced healthy food for themselves to have a farm as a source of income. For some, it boosts their sustainability efforts and makes the world a better place to live. Fortunately, in the process, they are preserving the art of farming. Technological advancements have created more investment prospects as well. It’s time for the rest of the society to see agriculture not as a traditional career but as a modern field of study and work. It is our duty to stay informed, updated and focused on agriculture as an indispensable industry it is. 

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