Cultivating People Excellence

By TAFE Corporate

October 31, 2022

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TAFE’s role in training and leadership development through innovative initiatives

As a value-driven organization with global aspirations, TAFE strongly believes that its people form the core of its value system. We strive to create an environment that nurtures high performance and learning with a focus on both individual and organizational growth.

Training and leadership development programs act as a linking pin between theory and the real working environment, helping the new team members to navigate the organization, its structure, the value systems, and the products. Personalized field-level training helps employees to lay the foundation of learning that offers a holistic understanding of the organization.

Many high-performing businesses lay emphasis on learning and leadership development for all employees. The new recruits gain a deeper understanding of the company’s vision, values, and ethics. Some of the programs also lead the way for new cross-functional projects which help employees build and leverage their networks. It is vital for any global organization to measure the engagement level of employees periodically and also work towards their individual development.

TAFE has a well-defined competency and leadership development approach. Each role and band are defined and connected to the values and vision of the organization.

Leadership development is at three levels. The Executive Development Program (EDP), was launched to enable executives to become effective managers, enhance their skill sets to manage themselves and others, and help them realize their leadership potential at the executive level. The managerial development program (MDP), is an initiative to develop a holistic understanding of the business and other functions. The Senior Business Leadership Program (SBLP) aims to build leadership competence for achieving TAFE’s global aspirations.

Career empowerment schemes through higher education programs (HEP) are some of the other initiatives to develop leadership and talent through various structured programs and interventions from time to time at all three levels (Executing, Managing, and Leading levels.)

TAFE e- University is the single stop for all internal eLearning courses that delve into myriad topics related to business, industry, technology, practices, and more. The courses are custom-made with expert opinions and made accessible 24*7. A weekly knowledge-sharing session, “knowledge nuggets”, is a platform for external speakers and employees to conduct an awareness session on a topic of their choice.

Integration of employer and employee goals is the vital essence for the growth of every organization. Bringing relevance to training and creating a win-win situation paves the way toward building strong relationships, the bedrock of TAFE’s core values.

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