Must-Have Agricultural Implements for Harvesting

By TAFE Corporate

September 30, 2021

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Farming, just like we know, is labour-intensive work. There was a time when farming was completely done by hand and with very few tools and machines. But those days are long gone. Various kinds of agriculture equipment are used for different activities these days. Harvesters are one of the most valuable pieces of machinery used by farmers globally. Performing a combination of functions, harvesters are impressive, not only because of the amount of time and physical effort they save but also because of the minimal residue they leave behind.

Combine Harvester

A Combine harvester helps in harvesting the crops efficiently. Both small-scale and big-scale farmers benefit greatly by using a combine. Harvesters or combines are massive pieces of machinery that use a complex system of gears, blades, belts and wheels to turn cereal crops into grain. The process usually involves three steps:

  1. Reaping: During this process, the plant is cut using a header, reel, and cutter bar on the combine. The header holds up the crops and the reel pushes them to the cutter bar. It then cuts the crops at their base.
  2. Threshing: Threshing is a process used to separate the edible parts of the crops from non-edible parts. Threshing drum is used for the same. It beats the cut crops to detach the grains from their stalks.
  3. Winnowing: This process is used to separate light chaff off from the grain. Winnowing happens when the grain is in the threshing scrum. This separation is made possible with the help of sieves.

Harvesting implements are used to get crops that have already reached full maturity. Below are a few implements that make harvesting easy and possible.

Potato Harvester

Potato Harvester is an agriculture implement that helps in digging the potatoes from the soil by separating the soil from the roots. It is a great help when it comes to separating the soil quickly. It solves the problem of harvesting potatoes to a large extent. It can be used for small-scale and large-scale potato harvesting. Some of the advantages of a good potato harvester are as follows:

  • Potato harvesting to bagging at one go
  • Single equipment for digging, picking, cleaning, and grading of potatoes
  • Enhanced ease of operation and time efficiency
  • Mud spreader for easy digging
  • Automatic potato harvester – First of its kind in India
  • Tractor driven, trailed single-row potato harvester through lower links
  • Cleaned potatoes can be directly collected in sacks or trays for storage
  • Minimal manpower requirement
  • Suitable for accommodating 24, 26, 28, 30 inch ridges
  • Ergonomic hydraulic drive controls
  • Suitable for soft and medium soil types, through hydraulically controlled speeds of conveyors
  • Special conveyor system reduces load, prevents damage to potatoes and increase efficiency

Carrot Harvester and Separator

It works in the same way as a potato harvester. It makes harvesting carrots from the ground along with roots easier by digging deep inside. It helps in elevating the rate at which carrots can be harvested in a farm.

Orchard Plucker

This one helps the orchard owners in increasing their yields to a great extent. Orchard plucker can be called a tractor-operated hydraulic platform that is used for harvesting, pruning, and spraying of the orchards. It can increase the height and make fruit harvesting easy from a height of 9-10 m.

The basic idea behind using agriculture equipment like harvesters and implements is to make the work easier for farmers. Since crop cultivation involves heavy labour and different processes, it is nearly impossible to do them just by hand, especially when it comes to large-scale production. TAFE is the third-largest tractor manufacturer in the world and the second-largest in India by volumes. As farm mechanization is the key to improve farm productivity and rein labor costs, TAFE Applications Business Unit (ABU) efficiently answers the emerging needs of the farming community through the production of harvesters and implements as well.

TAFE’s JFarm Services, a rural development initiative offers rental services for those who prefer to rent implements, high-tech combine harvesters or tractors. A wide range of farm equipment are made accessible to small and marginal farmers through the Jfarm Services app.  Check out our site to find agricultural implements that match and fit your needs.

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