Basic tips while selecting a tractor

By TAFE Corporate

February 6, 2020

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The idea of tractors in the earliest form was introduced in the 16th century when steam engines on wheels were used for the first time as mechanical farm machinery. Later, a portable steam engine called barn engine was discovered by Richard Trevithick in 1812. From then on, there has been a constant evolution of tractors into the most advanced form that we see in farms now.

In 1847, Daniel Massey, an industrialist from Canada founded the Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufactory to manufacture the world’s first mechanical threshers. In 1879, his eldest son, Henry George “Harry” Massey, renamed the company to Massey Manufacturing Co and moved it to Toronto. Later, in 1891, it merged with another manufacturing company to become Massey-Harris Limited. After multiple mergers and acquisitions over many decades, Massey-Harris merged with a British manufacturing company called the Ferguson Company to become Massey-Harris-Ferguson, before finally taking on its current shortened named in 1958. Now, Massey Ferguson is one of the largest selling tractor brands in the world and in India.

From the introduction of the first portable engine to several years later now, tractors give life to a farm. Technological advancements have made farming easier and less time consuming. Modern technologies have tried to acknowledge the needs of a farmer with fresh innovations in the field of agriculture. And now, there is a tractor for every task from tilling farms to transporting the harvested crops. For the same reason, getting the perfect tractor for a farm can sound like an arduous task. But, by keeping a few points in mind, finding the right tractor can no longer be a problem. These steps defined below can be beneficial for the new acreage owners looking for the best farming tools for their farms.

Know your purpose and requirements

The first and the most important step in the selection process is establishing your purpose to buy a tractor. Listing down the operations that you intend to perform with the tractor will help you identify the right one. If your tractor is for farming operations, you must have a clear knowledge about the soil conditions, your choice of crop, the size of your field and the area you intend to work on. The tasks to be covered in the fields must be prioritized and the tractor must be selected based on the highest priority.

Horsepower, Size and Weight – What will power up your work

Based on the priority of your work you must select a horsepower for the tractor you intend to buy. This is a very crucial factor while choosing a tractor. It is always ideal to plan ahead and invest in tractors with a little extra power than your estimated requirement. Size and horsepower are not always dependable on each other. Many companies have already introduced smaller tractors with higher horsepower. So, the size of the tractor should be an important factor only if you have concerns navigating your tractors through narrow paths or smaller areas. When it comes to tractors, quality and performance must be weighed higher on the scales than weight and size.

Features that determine the Quality of Work

Once you establish the purpose and the operations you intend to perform using the tractor, you will be able to narrow down on a few options based on suitability. But, what would set the right tractor apart are the features it carries along. These features will determine the quality of work and the output. For instance, TAFE’s tractors have best in class Hydraulics which improve the quality of work and precision of the farm operation, resulting in a better overall tractor performance.

A trusted dealer and an acclaimed manufacturer

Half the job is done when you find a trusted dealer. Though you might have an idea of what your requirements are, having a good dealer can help you understand the needs and purpose better. They can be a good mentor in your journey to finding out the best tractor for your farm. Also, it is very important to select a manufacturer who has been in business for long. An acclaimed manufacturer like TAFE not only guarantees tractors that provide high yields but will also be less prone to maintenance and damages.

Operating Costs – Maintenance and Fuel Consumption

One of the major contributors to tractor operating costs will be the fuel and maintenance costs. Hence, it is practical to select a tractor with a higher fuel economy and high-quality, durable parts. This will have a great impact on the return on investment over a course of few years. For example, if a particular tractor’s fuel consumption is half a litre lesser per hour when compared to other tractors, then, assuming 10 hours of operations per day for 200 days in a year, would directly help save about 1000 litres of fuel per year.

Comfort and Convenience

Tractors are no longer the mean, rugged machines that make a lot of noise and are hard on the drivers operating them. New generation tractors focus a lot on the operator comfort with comfortable seats and better ergonomics. So, it is important to test drive the tractors to check the comfort levels before picking the right one.

Budget and resale value of the tractor

Fix a budget beforehand. This can help you filter a lot of your choices. But, this shouldn’t be your only deciding factor. If you find a tractor that checks right on all the other factors mentioned above, then you should consider being a little more flexible with your budget. When you buy tractors or any farm equipment, you must keep the resale value in mind because at some point later, you might want to upgrade your farming equipment.

TAFE – Tractors and Farming Equipment Limited is a pioneer in the farm mechanization industry and it offers a wide variety of tractors at various sizes and hp ranges, suitable for every type of field. TAFE has always been known for the quality of its products and its low cost of operations. An industry leader for over six decades, it has earned loyal customers by understanding and acknowledging their needs and problems. TAFE offers tractors in various sizes with engines across HP ranges, that can not only meet your requirements but also help you save overall costs on farm operations.

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